Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

The purchase of residential property is an important decision and should be supported by knowledge of the physical state of the property. My objective as your Pre – Purchase building Inspector is to protect you as a buyer when you are about to invest in the real estate market. The property inspection should be undertaken as early in the buying process as possible, this way the purchaser will know about the condition of the property and will be able to make a better informed decision as to whether to proceed with the purchase. It also enables the purchaser leverage for negotiating a better offer or in the worst case, not to proceed with the contract of sale, based upon findings of an independent building consultant when dealing with the acting agent or client.


Property Reports carried out by Amalgamated Building Inspections QLD are comprehensively written and detailed which include digital photographs. The report is based around a visual inspection of building elements associated with areas noted and in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1-2007, Inspection of Buildings, Part 1 : Pre-purchase inspections – Residential buildings.  It will inform you of any significant building defects or problems such as movement in walls (cracking), safety hazards or faulty roof construction and site drainage, just to name a few. Our reports include a solution for rectification of any defect noted, and a summary is provided which will give an overall impression of the property-relative to similar properties in a reasonably well maintained condition, and of the same age.


Inspection of Strata or Company Title residential property shall be limited to the nominated residence and does not include common property.


WARNING : Always be certain that the consultant you engage to carry out your Building Inspection Report holds adequate insurance cover including – Professional Indemnity and Public Liability prior to you entering into an inspection agreement. The consultant should also be a member of an established building body such as the Housing Industry Association (HIA) or MBA so that you know that they are professionally accredited in the field which they operate in.

Special Purpose Property Inspection

A Special Purpose Property Inspection is reported in accordance with the Australian Standard, Inspection of Buildings AS 4349.1 -2007 and this type of building inspection is carried out when you are requiring consultation and written report over and above a Standard Property Inspection. Examples of this may be an inspection of the common areas of an apartment complex, an inspection on a particular building element of the property, or, signing off on a Form 16 for a required building element. (not including foundation inspection or final building certificate)


Our Special Purpose Building Reports will detail the type and extent of any building defect found, supported by photographic evidence, an estimate of costs involved to carry out any repair work and a recommendation of what qualified tradesperson/professional consultant to engage and complete the work.

Swimming Pool Safety Certification

Swimming pool certification occurs when a Licensed Swimming Pool inspector is engaged to carry out an inspection of a regulated pool in accordance with Australian Standards 1926 Part 1 & 2 – 2007 and the QDC MP 3.4, The Building Act 1975 and Building Regulations 2006.


Craig’s QBCC (Lic # PSI 102235) is unconditional, meaning that he can carry out minor repairs on non compliant items related to the pool barrier rather than you as the pool owner, having to engage a seperate tradesperson should the barrier not comply. If design requirements such as the pool barrier, pool gate, adjacent windows and doors onto a pool and CPR signage has been adhere to the Standard, then a Certificate of Compliance (Form 23) may be issued and the pool then registered on the QBCC data base.


Our comprehensive Pool Safety Inspection checklist will provide you with a professional non-biased report supported by detailed findings, digital photographs and advice on how to maintain your pool barrier. We would love to be given an opportunity to carry out your next Swimming Pool Safety Inspection so that a child’s safety is never put at risk.


For additional Swimming Pool Safety Compliance info – go to our QBCC Info Link 

Swimming Pool Safety Inspection

The single most important objective for a Swimming Pool Safety Inspector (PSI) is child safety. Craig’s QBCC licence as a PSI has the relevant insurances to conduct compliance inspections on swimming pool barriers in accordance with Aust Standards 1926 Part 1&2 -2007 QDC MP 3.4 modified and merged. Prior to carrying out any Pool Inspection, Craig will liaise with his client asking them a number of pre-inspection questions prior to turning up at their residence and he will have the pool owner complete a QBCC Small Building Projects Contract which details his inspection fee and provides the owner with a binding agreement.


Craig’s licensing allows him to carry out any minor repairs should the pool barrier be non-compliant at the time of his inspection, ranging from:

  • replacing defective fence panels
  • adjusting gate hinges & locking mechanisms
  • cutting back vegetation growth within the NCZ (Non climbable zone)
  • installing safety signage
  • or simply removing pot plants away from the NCZ.


The majority of pool inspections comply due to the property owner having a good maintenance program in place for the pool barrier. In the worst case scenario of a pool barrier being non – compliant,  Craig will provide you with a comprehensive detailed report including digital photographs of non compliant items, and a solution of how he can assist you in getting your pool to be compliant.


Don’t get trapped by pool inspectors having conditions on their licence and risk tradesmen who are not aware of the pool safety regulations. Our Swimming Pool Safety knowledge is continually addressed by the QBCC and our customer service second to none. For a professional and easy to read report, contact Craig at Amalgamated Building Inspections QLD so that a child’s safety is never put at risk.

Handover Inspection – Completed Residential Buildings.

Handover Inspections are carried out once the building contractor has completed the scope of works for a nominated building project, after the final builders clean and prior to handing over keys for occupation.


Craig’s high standard in quality control makes sure that the building contractor and his sub-trades have delivered a building product in accordance with QBCC standards and tolerances; including manufacturers installation requirements. He provides the client with an independent, non bias inspection report itemising any defects or rectification work which need to be addressed and satisfactory completed as per relevant Acts, Regulations, Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements.

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