Swimming Pool Safety Inspection

All swimming pools in Queensland must be registered with the QBCC and listed on the pool safety register. As of 1 December 2015, your swimming pool barrier must comply with the one pool safety standard and our Swimming Pool Inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards 1926 Part 1&2 -2007 QDC MP3.4 modified and merged. Our safety inspection report covers all compliant issues such as the height and strength of barriers, non-climbable zones (NCZ), gates and their latching requirements, direct access points from a building into a pool and CPR signage.


To determine if your pool has been well maintained and compliant go to our QBCC info link and complete the QBCC checklist. Whilst there, check to see if your pool is already listed on the Pool Register.


If you are selling a property, buying a property or leasing a property, our QBCC info Link will also provide you with all the relevant information you require in getting your Swimming Pool or Spa compliant as per the QLD Safety Standards.


Call Craig today to assist you in getting your pool compliant and having it listed on the Pool Register.

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