Handover Inspections

Handover Inspections are commonly referred to as Practical Completion Inspections and are conducted when the building contractor has –

  • Completed his scope of works set out in the building contract
  • Carried out a final builders clean¬†internally and externally
  • Prior to handing over keys for occupation.


After a builder and client engaging in a building contract which usually involves months of hard work, the last thing anyone needs is for a disagreement on a defect building item or minor defects on workmanship at the end of the building work. Especially when the builder is trying to get his final payment, or, the client is trying to move into their completed project.


It is advised to obtain an independent building inspection as the main building contractor can more than usual miss defects which they feel are within acceptable standards of finish and an independent handover inspection provides a non-biased report for the client as to what is acceptable in finish, and what is not upto an acceptable finish in regards to workmanship.


The Handover Inspection report clearly identifies any material defect or blemish with the aid of Red I.D sticky tabs, digital photos and location of the defect. On most occasions, the head building contractor is more than happy to have his work sited as it assists in them making a final progress claim and avoids onsite disputes which could lead to involving the QBCC.

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